Group health insurance is a type of health insurance that covers medical expenses and disability income for those at your company. If you own or manage a business, you already know how important offering employer health insurance is to your employees. They rely on this to keep themselves and their families healthy, so everything from yearly physicals to major surgery to time off to recuperate needs to be addressed.

Your choice in commercial health insurance is a serious decision that has long-term effects, both for your staff members and your company itself. You can either opt for individual plans or group health insurance, depending on what is needed and wanted. You also need to decide which insurance carriers to go with and which plans should be offered. Most carriers offer dozens of unique plans, while companies only offer a few to their employees. But which ones will help the most people while staying cost effective?

If you’re ready to look more into commercial health insurance, you need Berglund Insurance. Located in Lehi, Utah, we are actually a retail broker. This means we help companies like yours find employer health insurance policies with the best coverage and most affordable prices for everyone involved. Don’t try to navigate the confusing world of insurance or contact the insurance companies directly on your own. We can work directly with the insurance company itself, or access additional markets if needed. Speak to one of our licensed insurance agents and get the protection you deserve by contacting us at (801) 494-7400. Bring in Berglund Insurance and you can know that you’re connected with the best.


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